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A Deep Dive into Avocado Production

by Kenya Farmers

Welcome to a unique exploration of an industry that’s caused a think-tank of horticulture enthusiasts, culinary connoisseurs, and keen businessmen to dub the avocado, ‘green gold’.

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Imagine this: You’re enjoying a Sunday brunch, your plate sparkling with a hearty serving of avocado toast, its creamy fuzziness merging perfectly with the crunchy, golden bread. Ever wondered the journey this avocado had embarked on before finding its way to your plate? That’s precisely what we’ll be unearthing in this detailed account of avocado production, right from the birth of an avocado tree to its ripe-off-the-branch delivery to your grocer.

The Genesis of an Avocado Tree

In order to understand the foundation of avocado production, it’s essential to delve into the humble beginnings of an avocado tree.

Planting the Seed

The initial phase of the avocado production process begins with the careful selection of avocado seeds, which are generally sprouted in a nursery under controlled conditions to ensure healthy growth.

  • Seeds are placed half-submerged in water, and after several weeks, they’ll start to split and sprout roots and a stem.
  • Seedlings should only be transferred once they’ve reached 2-3 feet.
  • They are transplanted to larger containers or directly into the ground (climate conditions permitting).
  • Up to 7 years can pass before the tree starts producing fruit.

The Mother Tree

It should be marked that these seed-grown avocado trees are mostly used for rootstock. Avocado growers use a tree propagation technique called grafting, where the bud of a mature ‘mother tree’ is attached to a young rootstock plant. This method guarantees that the new plants will bear fruits identical to the mother tree.

Nurturing a new fruit tree from seed to a full-fledged tree is a labour of love that requires patience and consistent care.

Avocado Farming Techniques

We’ve grasped the basics of cultivating an avocado tree, but let’s elaborate on the farming techniques that make the endeavor successful!

Climate Considerations

Avocados require very specific climate conditions to thrive:

  • Avocado trees enjoy a warm, dry climate, but can adapt to different soil types.
  • They need a stable climate, so sudden drops in temperature or heavy rainfall can significantly harm the crop.
  • Drainage is key—soggy roots lead to root-rot.

Irrigation and Fertilization

Here we will discuss two factors without which the avocado production would be impossible—Irrigation and Fertilization.

  • Avocado trees require regular watering, but how much depends on the size of the tree, the soil, and the climate.
  • Regular fertilization ensures the trees get the nutrients they need.

Pest and Disease Control

Maintaining an avocado farm is not without challenges:

  • A wide variety of pests, such as root-rot fungus and avocado lace bug, can affect avocado plants.
  • Farmers have to regularly monitor their crops for early detection and effectively control the spread of these pests.

Avocado farming is both an art and a science, requiring skill, patience, and expertise.

Harvesting and Post-Harvest Processing

After all that dedication and hard work, it’s finally time to reap the fruits—quite literally!

Picking the Fruit

Here’s another fun fact: Unlike many other fruits, avocados don’t ripen on the tree. They are harvested when still hard, and only then do they start to ripen.

  • And when it comes to the harvest season? Well, that’s the magic of avocados – most varieties permit flexible harvest periods.

Post-Harvest Handling

Once harvested, avocados pass through a series of steps leading up to being shelf-ready:

  • The picked fruits are washed, sorted based on quality and size, and then packed.
  • This is followed by a period of storage and transport, where they continue to ripen.
  • The last step before reaching your kitchen? Quality checks conducted in unpacking houses.


Our curiosity might have sprouted over a laidback brunch, but this journey deep into the world of avocado production has unraveled the immense labor and attention to detail invested in each avocado that reaches our plate. So, the next time you cut open a ripe avocado and spread it on your toast, consider the heart and effort that went into its creation. And as the avocado industry continues to grow at an impressive rate, who knows what innovations and enhancements we’ll see in the future of ‘green gold’ farming.

Have you related more with avocados now? Share with us your newfound admiration or your experiences of growing your own avocado tree!^

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