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Water Intake Depresses Feed Intake In A Feedlot

Water is a critical ingredient in feedlot farming because it is a major nutrient for the cattle and is also used for maintaining hygiene.
A beef cow requires at least 40 litres of water per day and this may increase depending on environmental temperatures. Inadequate water intake depresses feed intake and, therefore, lowers weight gains.
There is a big difference between rearing dairy cattle bulls and finishing them for beef in a feedlot and beef feedlot farming.
A feedlot farmer is not a cattle producer. She is a cattle finisher and fattens the cattle for the market. That is the reason why the animals only spend 90 to 120 days in the feedlot.
Animals entering a feedlot have been produced elsewhere by a cattle producer such as a pastoralist, a dairy farmer or even a beef cattle producer.
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