Honey processing in Kenya using 3 frame centrifuge honey extract

How to extract honey from Langstroth Beehives?

There are three ways of extracting honey:

  1. crushing the combs (wax press)
  2. uncapping the cells and letting the honey slowly drip out
  3. Using a honey extractor. It basically does the same thing as the second method, only way faster and way more efficient. A honey extractor is a great way to get the honey from a Langstroth hive

It works by placing a full frame into the extractor and spinning it using a crank (or a motor if you opt for a the electrical). Centrifugal force “sucks” the honey out of the combs

Client onsite at the farm with a new Kenyan Bee farmer. After harvesting honey decided to process immediately. Luckily all equipment was already available.

1. Centrifuge honey extractor. Check HERE

2. Double sieve honey strainer. Check HERE

3. Honey bucket with honey gate valve. Check HERE

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