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Beans Crop Ecological Requirements

Soil– bean crop thrives in a well-drained soil which is rich in organic matter, weed free and has an optimum PH of 6.5-7.5. Growth is poor in waterlogged soils.
Altitude– the crop does well at an optimum altitude range of up to between 1000-2100M ASL. It however tends to grow and mature faster in low altitude zones.
Rainfall– a well distributed annual rainfall of between 800-2000mm is suitable for the rain fed production. Irrigation should be done if rainfall is inadequate. Too much rain or long dry spells are not conducive and reduces yields. Excessive rainfall during flowering causes flower abortion and increased disease incidences. Dry weather conditions are needed during harvesting.
Temperature– beans grow in temperatures ranging from 15-33 degree centigrade. However, an optimum growing temperature of 20-25 degrees centigrade is essential. Relatively high temperatures affect flowering and pod setting processes. The crop is very sensitive to frost

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