About Kenya Farmers

Kenya Farmers is a registered digital agricultural portal which provides a platform for farmers to market their products and services, get relevant agricultural information, interact with customers who are interested in their services and advice on farming skills as well as innovative ideas on food sustainability. The portal has many resources to equip farmers with farming skills related to various forms of agriculture. We have partnered with various agronomists, extension service providers and various experts to assist farmers in solving their problems in diverse categories (crops production, animal husbandry, farm services, farm inputs and diseases). This has grown our exposure to many farmers countrywide.

Kenya Farmers portal is run and managed by a group of IT experts who are much experienced in web application development and security to protect your data from hacking. We are also involved in supporting and enlightening the smallholder farmers appreciate modern farming skills, technology, value addition and diversification towards sustainable agribusiness.

Our Mandate

1. Support value addition to maximizing impact

2. Promote value chain growth and diversification

3. Increase economic growth through farming for a food secure country

4. Empowering farmers with the knowledge and training they need to make informed decisions about alternative horticulture and husbandry to the traditional farming they have been practicing

5. Promote Agribusiness in Kenya

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote Agriculture by providing a secure farm service provider and service finder platform for efficient marketing.

Our Vision

We envision a country in which information and resources will be readily available for farmers and customers.

Core Values

1. Professionalism

2. Ingenuity

3. Customer focus

4. Partnerships

5. Integrity

6. Commitment