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Advantages of Tissue Culture Banana Farming

by Kenya Farmers
The advantages of tissue culture banana farming in Kenya include:
  1. Increased yield: Tissue culture bananas are high-yielding, which means farmers can get more bananas per acre of land.
  2. Disease resistance: Tissue culture bananas are resistant to many of the diseases that commonly affect traditional banana crops in Kenya, such as banana bacterial wilt and Fusarium wilt.
  3. Uniformity: Tissue culture bananas are genetically identical, which means they have a uniform appearance and maturity rate. This makes harvesting and processing easier and more efficient.
  4. Early maturation: Tissue culture bananas mature earlier than traditional banana crops, which means farmers can harvest their crops and sell them earlier in the market.
  5. Higher quality: Tissue culture bananas have a better taste and texture than traditional bananas, which means they are more attractive to consumers.

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