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Eco-friendly approaches for sustainable agriculture

by Kenya Farmers

People are becoming more conscious on their health and environment. Bio-farming is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach which enables the conservation of biodiversity and to protect the environment. The story of modern agriculture combines field proven knowledge, advanced technology, and sophisticated decision making.

Even so, with success in the field comes great responsibility; to care for the land so that future generations can enjoy the same. Amiran is passionate about the environment and goes by the quote “Love the land and the land will love you in return.

Our range of products are aligned with;

Water Conservation 

The review of past studies show, that the solution to the problem of growing groundwater scarcity for agriculture can be met by demand management by efficient use of the available water both in the short- run and long-run perspectives. This includes drip irrigation and other improved water management practices.

Drip divides the water to all plants equally and enables control over accurate amounts of water that irrigate the plant.  Other irrigation methods that do not offer such accuracy and uniformity will ultimately result in some areas receiving more water and some less which will produce an uneven crop and reduced yield.

With drip irrigation one can counter water loss due to wind, over leaching of fertilizers to the natural water aquifers and a big reduction in energy costs. In addition, evenly dispersed irrigation will result in even crops and higher yields.

Smart Eco-Friendly Technologies 

Use of the Amiran Mulch is a solution that is being encouraged by Amiran Kenya for both the floriculture

and horticulture growers.When you cover your growing beds/area with plastic mulch you are:-

  • Reduces evaporation- Leading to less water needed for irrigation
  • Keeps the soil moisture
  • Reducing weeds that compete with your crop for water -saving on labour
  • Provides an excellent area for root development because they need darkness + oxygen  thus good yields
  • Decreases nutrient leaching during the rainy season hence reduction on pollution etc

Give your food-waste value

The Amiran Biogas system is a revolutionary backyard appliance that transforms leftover food waste into clean and energy and organic liquid fertilizer. A home biogas system will be able to save those would-be groceries and generate monetary value from them, in the form of FREE cooking gas.

  • The system plays a part in the improving environmental pollination.
  • Bio Crop Protection- Fulfilling the needs of the future

The yield of horticultural crops can be severely reduced as a result of infestation of pest diseases or weeds. In order to protect crops before and after harvest, plant protection products are used. A possible consequence of plant protection products use may be the presence of residues in the treated products. EU counties which are Kenya’s major buyers of horticultural produce have set up stringent

Maximum Residue Levels.

The growers are in a dilemma of producing high quality produce to meet ever sensitive market, with very options of crop protection products. Amiran is keen to help farmers achieve the best possible harvest while adhering to the EU standards. The Amiran Bio-Solution range offers effective crop protection with regard to environmentally sustainable and organic farming. With this, Amiran helps to protect your crop and meet demand of the strategic markets.

Amiran is eager to continue bringing to the table a strong knowledge base and skill set that combines centuries of tradition with the most advanced agro- tools ever known. As a result, modern agriculture has helped reduce the impact of farming on the environment and increase the amount of produce grown.

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